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Dental Avenir is known for the best dental treatment for Emergency care. Our expert team is efficient enough to handle accidental cases on the spot and provide effective treatment. Dr.SudhirYadav, with his experience, treats all the emergency cases with a composed approach and offers instant relief to the patient. Our team of doctors believe in taking instant informed decisions that suit best to the condition of the patient. We serve based on priority and condition of the patient; our foremost attention is to start with first aid and basic check-up to analyze the situation.

Emergency Care Process

We at Dental Avenir, offer first aid by analyzing the emergency case and understand the root cause of injury. Post the first aid, Dr.SudhirYadav and his team advise for a few X-rays and scans post checking the complexity of the condition. Then by precisely going through the reports, a treatment plan is created and shared with the patient and attendant. The cost of treatment and time required to complete the procedure; all things are discussed with the patient. Post taking consent from the patient; our team start with the treatment with sterilized dental tools and advanced technology. We are named as one of the best Emergency Dental Care management clinic in Gurgaon.


Emergency Dental Care in Gurgaon

In Emergency cases, we receive multiple patients from abroad who do not understand English or Hindi and our translators help them to get treatment and consultation in their language. Our experienced team is ready to handle emergency cases with great vigour and accuracy. Our managing team keeps sterilized gown and aprons prepared to help any patient who visits the clinic in a critical condition.