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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation or Reconstruction (FMR) is one of the treatments that is required when the mouth hygiene is neglected for a longer time. A simple case turns out to be complicated and requires multiple experts to coordinate with each other for a better outcome. Our team at Dental Avenir take recommendations from Endodontist for root canal treatment, Prosthodontist for crowning and bridge to treat the patient. Periodontist for gums problems and implantologist for dental implants. We are one of the best dental clinics in Gurgaon with the latest technological advancements and dental care. We provide a detailed plan of the treatment to the patient or his/her attendant and start the treatment with their consent.


Full Mouth Rehabilitation Centre

Dr.SudhirYadav advises patients to undergo Full Mouth Rehabilitation if the patient has an insensitive tooth, reduction in chewing ability, complaints like food lodgement, Muscle Pain in Mouth, severe pain with clicking sounds. Our experienced team help patients with a warming smile and offer dental solutions to treat the patient’s full smile. With advanced technology and digital examination of Muscles, Teeth, TMJ through radiographs to understand the teeth and muscle behaviour. We offer facilities like T-Scan, RVG, OPG or CBCT to minutely examine the details of the patient.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Services

At Dental Avenir, we make sure to provide our patients with the utmost treatment through the latest technology to achieve desired results. We keep a result-oriented approach to align the positions of jaws and repair damaged teeth to offer a satisfied smile to the patients. Our team of translators help the patients from abroad to wade off communication issues between patient and doctor. Our experts also offer post-treatment for full mouth rehabilitation with providing the best medications and measures to follow. Our team is much aware of the challenges that may arise while treating the patient and henceforth we keep all the respective steps beforehand to avoid any complications during the procedure.