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Invisible Braces

At Dental Avenir Clinic, we provide a perfect smile to our patients with customized ceramic or clear braces in Gurgaon. These designs are thin in texture to be fixed over the teeth and change the shape size and get your desired beautiful smile. Invisible clear braces are durable and resistant to staining over time


Steps for Invisible Braces Aligners

We design clear acrylic aligners to position teeth into optimal position with 3D imaging technology and pressure done with the help of dental software. Our lab team fabricates fit-to teeth aligners which are worn for around two weeks and then move into the next in the series. The number of sittings depends on the criticality of the case and the condition of the teeth. In most of the scenarios, the desirable collection is achieved in 6-18 months.

Advantages of Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are not just teeth shapers but confidence booster, according to Mr.Sudhir Yadav. With invisible braces, none can guess that the patient is wearing them as they look aesthetically pleasing in comparison to brackets and wires. The easy removal and digital monitoring make it smooth and comfortable for the patient to correct their smiles. 100% guaranteed results as the chances of failure are quite less with pain-free techniques. Invisible Dental Braces have no food restrictions and are more comfortable to the patient as they can easily be removed for special occasions. Gradually with every single sitting, the teeth attain the desired shape and design as preferred. Dental Avenir is one of the most exceptional Dental services in Gurgaon which offer quick and accurate dental solutions keeping patient satisfaction in mind. Let’s fabricate the future of dentistry together with the latest equipment and techniques.