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Dental Service


Dental Avenir is an ultimate dental clinic that solves all your dental problems with accuracy and precision. Our competent doctor team are added support to the anxieties of the patient and patiently answers all the queries with solutions. Our team of doctors are not just treating and correcting the smiles of the patients but also offering advanced Digital X-Rays for tooth and gums. We are fully equipped to find all the best possible solutions to make our patients smile with healthy teeth.


Advanced Dental Equipment

Dr.SudhirYadav with experience of over two decades has designed Dental Avenir in a manner that the clinic offers 360-degree dental care to the patients. The new portable X-Ray is handy and reduces exposure by 90%. All the equipment operators are highly qualified and experienced to provide clear and precise results. We make sure that all digital machines and equipment are shock-proof keeping in mind the security of our patients. Our team ensures to provide sterilized aprons and gowns to the patient to cure infections.

Digital X-Rays Reports

We at Dental Avenir understand the importance of time, and we believe in delivering comfort to the patient with the minimal waiting period. Our advanced digital X-Rays report is produced in the shortest period and starting over the treatment. Dental Avenir is a pioneer in treating smiles from the last two decades while adopting advanced dental techniques. The high-end quality of the machines ensures the reports are accurate to make the treatment plan easily. Our team has specialized translators for foreigner patients to make the communication smooth. Team Dental Avenir missions to transform the future of smiles and dental care, at this moment with advanced technology, we treat our patients with the utmost care and sterilized tools.