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Dr. Nikhil Sharma

(MDS, Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics)

Dr Nikhil Sharma is the developer of cad-cam lingual braces system (Shinelingual appliance), cad-based clear aligner system (Shinelign) and cad-based dentofacial orthopaedic appliances.

  • He runs an exclusive digital orthodontics practice in Gurgaon and is a consultant orthodontist in Dubai, UAE and Delhi NCR. He also runs an exclusive digital orthodontics company, 3D Ortho Solutions which specialises in cad-based customised orthodontic appliances.
  • He is a keen researcher in the field of accelerated orthodontics and digital orthodontics. For his past work, he has been awarded the Young Chel Park researcher award by the World implant orthodontic society in Japan, 2017, Young achiever award by the World Dental Congress in London, 2018 and First prize - lingual orthodontic award for cases presentation by Indian orthodontic society in Bangalore, 2016.
  • TOPIC - Integrating digital orthodontic workflow in dental practice