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Root canal treatment

The exterior portion of the tooth is a three-layered structure, namely enamel, dentin & pulp. In the new era’s lifestyle, tooth decay is one of the most found dental problems among dental patients. Dentists believe that a tooth can be recovered if the first two layers are decayed or infected. The two layers can easily be corrected with Filling/Restoration. At that level, the tooth decay can be treated through RCT or Endodontic treatment is required. The Root Canal Treatment is also called as Endodontic treatment is used to treat tooth decay and reaches the innermost layer of the tooth, causing inflammation. At Dental Avenir Clinic, we provide root canal treatment to our patients with extreme care.



Root Canal Treatment Procedure

At Dental Avenir, we follow a procedure to complete Root Canal Treatment with accuracy. In the initial step, an advanced X-ray is taken before starting any dental treatment. The extent and treatment approach is finalized before starting up the whole procedure. If required, general anaesthesia is given to the patient before starting the RCT. The next step is to prepare the cavity, and the infected tooth is made infection-free and filled with tooth material to seal the decay. The last step for the RCT treatment pulp is removed from the infected tooth and is later filled with tooth material to protect further damage to the tooth.

Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment Procedure in Gurgaon

After analysing the patient’s condition, we at Dental Avenir; remove the infected pulp and fill it with tooth material post-cleansing and disinfection. After a single sitting Root Canal treatment, the filling/sealing on the infected tooth is done with extreme precision. Our advanced dental clinical tools provide dental clinic solutions with multi-step procedure and details. Restoration or crowning is a crucial aspect of the single sitting root canal treatment.