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Same day dentistry

With advancement and innovation in the medical field, Digital dentistry is a unique and accurate dental advancement to restore teeth in a single visit. At Dental Avenir, we embraced the CAD-CAM technique, instead of analog dentistry which includes multiple visits to the hospital for single tooth restoration. Dr.SudhirYadav holds an expert hand with digital restorations that can be completed on the same day to avoid sensitivity and breakage from any kind of temporary restorations.


Same-Day Dentistry Procedure

At Dental Avenir, we offer dental solutions in the single day by diagnosing the minutes and then planning treatment at our clinic in Gurugram. In the initial phase, we check up the existing condition of the tooth that requires restoration. In the second step, we move to the scanning procedure with scanning upper jaw, lower jaw and bite. The third step is to design a restoration plan with the help of dental software. Post restoration designing, restoration is milled in CAM machine. The last action moves towards fixation; i.e. to set the restoration. With the supervision of Dr.SudhirYadav, our doctor’s team takes on the leap for a happy dental future.

Advantages of Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry holds a stock of benefits in comparison to Analogue Dentistry. This advanced technique is very comfortable for the patients as it seems natural and aesthetically pleasing. According to the experience of Dr.SudhirYadav, if the is done very precisely and accurately, then it serves the patients for more extended time frames. We at Dental Avenir provide the best same-day dentistry services in Gurugram with efficient results at affordable prices. Our expert team ensures that our patients are treated with the most advanced dental techniques for quick and comfortable dental solutions.