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Tooth in an hour is the best foot forward in dentistry taken by Dr.SudhirYadav, which is an advanced formula of getting an implanted tooth in only an hour. In comparison to implantology, the new method skips the waiting period. In dental implants, the implanted root needs time to rest in gums for a few months for a new tooth. At Dental Avenir, our team offers the best dental treatment at Gurgaon in the affordable range. With extensive efforts, our mission to satisfy our patients with a new tooth in one hour made us one of the finest dentists in Gurgaon.



New Tooth in an Hour

We take on the responsibility to guide our foreign patients with communication challenges. India being a multi-lingual and English speaking country, we support the communication challenges by providing translators. The translator will accompany the patient during his/her stay in the country. At Dental Avenir, we also offer world-class investigations like TEK-Scan, OPG, Scanners like TEK-Scan, CBCT, OPG, RVG, Scanners, and sterilization system that includes front-loading Autoclave, ultrasonic cleaner, chemical sterilization. All equipment is stored in an ultraviolet chamber in sterile pouches.

Get New Tooth in 60 Minutes

In opposition to traditional implants, Dr.SudhirYadav is an ambassador to the advanced techniques through which any patient can receive new tooth in one hour. The first step is to evaluate the medical condition of the patient and decide the right procedure for the patient. Our experts take dental impressions to make the replacement in advance. With the help of 3D X-RAY (CBCT), Dr.SudhirYadav finds the correct location for the dental implant. The next step is to place the implant and crown of the tooth with the help of “3 shape implants studio software and CBCT.”