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A sparkling white smile is certainly the confidence booster and is henceforth the best way to get noticed by peers. Our changing lifestyle has brought us soda, wine, tea and other foodstuffs that are the leading cause of tooth discolouration. An attractive smile builds up confidence and personality of an individual. Most of the individuals get conscious while laughing out hard. If you are planning to get teeth whitening in Gurgaon; then Dental Avenir is the best option that your patients can pick up.


“Teeth are not pearly until you smile”


Types of Teeth Whitening/ Bleaching

Dr.Sudhir is one of the distinguished dentists of the city who believes in spreading white smiles across the world. In a couple of minutes, our patients achieve the best possible smile that wins hearts with our cost-effective treatment. There are two types of Teeth-whitening bleaches; one is in-office bleaching or whitening, and the next is take-home bleaching or whitening. The In-office teeth whitening is the process that is done at the clinic, and take-home whitening is the prescription will be provided by the doctor and is done on the home by the patient himself/herself.

Teeth Whitening at Dental Avenir

Most of the individuals attain tarnished smile as we grow older and at Dental Avenir, we ensure that our clients achieve the best possible smile, which is categorically safe. This instant teeth whitening formula which does not affect the enamel layer of the teeth! Our team celebrates the aesthetic deontology bringing bright smiles on the patient’s faces. We are henceforth the favourite choice of all the patients for teeth whitening in Gurgaon. We offer cost-effective dental care to our patients and provide treatment with utmost care. Dr.SudhirYadav and his team are one of the best Dentists in Gurgaon to treat patients with the utmost care and precision.